5 Things You Cannot Manage Without When Engaging in McCall River Rafting

One does not want to be caught with your pants down in that you are unprepared for making the most of your McCall river rafting campaign

What we mean is that it is all too easy to lose track of time when making your plans ahead of your rafting trip and only to realize once you’re in your vehicle on route to your destination that you left some important equipment or protective gear behind.

Why not take advice from an old hand in the rafting business regarding the type of commodities you shouldn’t be without. Let us take a peek at five things you need to have with you.

1 – A Self-inflating mattress
It sure is worth your while to pack a good mattress that is self-inflating. No need to put a hefty price tag to this item. A plain and simple roll up mattress that inflates itself and equipped with a waterproof cover will suffice. Rather save that old sponge mattress for your yoga sessions.

2 – Remember Your Hat and Sunscreen
Summer is upon us folks, and you do not want to be a party pooper and spoil everyone’s fun by getting yourself sunburnt. Ensure you take the necessary precautions and come armed with a premium quality sunscreen that is an SPF40 factor. If your skin is ultra-sensitive, then you may want to take along a long-sleeved shirt or blouse, a pair of sunglasses, a hat as well as something to drape over your knees. You get some good quality wide brimmed hats nowadays that will do just fine.

3 – Multipurpose Shoes
Space is a premium when you tackle any kind of whitewater rafting on the Salmon River or the McCall River. Take only a pair of shoes with you. Some good options would be the Men’s Outcross Pro Lace at a reduced cost of under $90 currently at retailers like Chaco. The women’s Kanara just over a $100 also at Chaco is a comfortable street sneaker with a cheeky outdoors attitude.

It is imperative to wear top quality multipurpose shoes that can handle water. What is more, these need to protect your feet against sharp rocks, sport a firm fit, dry quickly and, if you still have a little energy left at midday or any other time, the shoes will take you on a hike through the mountains.

4 – Dry Bag & Headlamp
You do not want to face a situation where you require both hands to eat your dinner or where you need to unzip your sleeping bag to look for you toothbrush only to realize you left your headlamp at home. It is good to have a strong headlamp like the Princeton Tec Quad Headlamp that is just under $40. It comes equipped with three triple AAA batteries to give you 150 hours of burn time, which we think is sufficient to cast a wide beam to get those nocturnal creatures scampering for the bushes.

Be sure to carry a dry bag with you to store the headlamp or any other items you may want to safeguard while enjoying your rafting trip on the McCall River.

5 – Lightweight Fleece Top
It is all fair and well that it is summer and the fact that you are in good company with river guides like the Orange Torpedo Trips clan is very heartwarming indeed. Having said that, do not neglect to take a good quality lightweight fleece top along with you. It won’t take up a lot of space in your dry bag and can prove itself very handy during colder evening should you decide to go on a multi-day rafting trip.

While you will be given lunch and meals at night when opting for a river rafting tour with Orange Torpedo Trips, it is recommended that you pack your own drinks and snacks as well besides your mattress, tent, sleeping bag, sunscreen and book to read.

Before we forget, please remember to bring your camera and its own dry bag as you will be shooting plenty of pictures that will serve as lasting memories of all the fun times you experienced on board the McCall River.

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