SEO Las Vegas Professionals Know How to Attract and Keep Customers

Half the battle in knowing what customers need and want is already won when you know the key terms they use to come across your online presence on the web.

Las Vegas SEO professionals know what it takes to find ways to identify your target audience. Therefore, they are in the best position to devise content in such a way that it will make each customer think you are speaking directly to him or her.

Studies of how people actually absorb the info on a web page indicate that people do not really read the content from top to bottom, or even from left to right in a linear way as if they are reading a book. Not a chance. Most web surfers do not read the traditional way at all. Instead, they browse so quickly that you would think they are on a timer.

They simply skim through the pages by clicking link after link as the web allows them to absorb sophisticated graphics and multimedia faster than before.

On average most would only stay for a few seconds, unless they come across something that really grabs them. Try it. Next time you finished browsing, hit the back button and check how many web pages you’ve visited; you will be blown away at how many you have browsed.

What is more, many are browsing using their smartphones and other interactive mobile devices such as Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Wii, and iPad. As your prospective customers do not necessarily have tons of computing power and data to explore a site, they stick to the best rule of keeping it simple.

As you can imagine, people who are searching for things on the internet are often in a state of hurried distraction. Just think about a television watcher who browses while a commercial is on or someone stealing a moment to find something online quickly. No doubt, this person isn’t in the mood to listen to a long story as you relate your fondest hopes of success.

SEO companies in Las Vegas maintain that you should refrain from keeping people in suspense about what you do. Your users want to know what your business is about and how it can help them. It is a case of answering golden questions such as:

  • Who are you?
  • What are you selling?
  • Why should I purchase what you are selling?
  • Why should I investigate your site rather than any other out there?

Needless to say, web surfers are regarded as opportunists and, in various cases, aren’t particularly loyal. Many discover more interesting sites as they trawl randomly through the web. If they find something easier and quicker, you can be sure they will move on.

What is the Secret to Holding Your Customers Attention?

When it comes to web pages, it pays to put the most critical components first; who you are, what you do and how you stand out from any competing sites. If you possibly can, illustrate these points without using words by making the product self-explanatory, so people are keen to find out more.

You may have a long list of things you would like to sell, but you cannot fit everything you have on the first page of your website. It is much better to prioritize the contents of the site so that your breaking stories, or the best contents, appear towards the top, and then you can arrange the rest of what’s in your catalog in order of importance.

Make it a point to think things through before you start using features that may just scare people away rather than wowing them. What SEO Las Vegas experts are referring to over here is splash pages that contain only a logo or brief greeting that reload automatically to take the visitor to the main body of a site. Using these are not recommended as it may very well fail to load due to security reasons.

You Should Encourage Visitors to Click, Click, and Click

People are busy and only have a fraction of their attention focused on your page content. Make the links easy to read and in obvious locations. It is a good idea to have a row links or anchor texts at the top of your home page that would point the visitor to an important place on your site.

SEO Las Vegas firms like Moving Mountains Advisors suggest you continue to evolve your design to keep up with latest browsing trends while retaining links to major categories towards the top of your pages.

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