Watering Your Landscape Using Top Rated Sprinkler Heads is the Best Landscape Maintenance Medford Oregon Advice

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Modern-day research reveals that property owners can easily save as much as 50 to 70 percent of their water bill through optimizing sprinkler systems and by making use of native plants as part of a landscape maintenance Medford Oregon plan.

It is a case of matching the right sprinkler heads to the plants you have to ensure the right amount of water is used and absorbed properly, which is part and parcel of the initiative to optimize your sprinkler system.

Expert landscapers are in the best position to recommend the best options regarding top rated sprinkler systems. If you use too much water, you end up wasting what you paid for. Plants will die if too little water gets used.

The solution to the problem is to research different sprinkler head and determine which ones are best to use for the types of plants you have.

Pine Trees Will Die Due to Lack of Water
Imagine you have a tall and attractive pine tree right in the middle of your condo complex. It’s not long before you notice it starts shedding needles quite a bit, which is a sure indication that it lacks water.  The lawn under it might be quite green. Most people would brush it off as insignificant. However, trees need more water than do lawns especially when watering until dawn.

What is needed is a change in watering. Not too much watering as it will drown your plants and not too little as it will dry them out. What you need to do is to attach the right kinds of sprinkler heads to the irrigation system and program them correctly on the controller to ensure the right amount of water reaches your plants or trees.

Using the Water You Pay for Properly
A healthy sprinkler system should consist of sprinkler heads that are equipped with the right kind of controllers to complement the types of plants you have in your landscape. What one needs to focus on as well as how to program your sprinklers properly.

The Functions of an Irrigation Controller
Controllers used for irrigation purposes allow you to separate your landscape into different water sections known as “stations.” You would program every station to water at different times for various lengths of time in line with the sprinkler heads you decide on using.

Sprinkler Nozzles and Heads
Sprinkler heads can be set in such a way that they water your plants in a certain way. For instance, some plants do not like the leaves wet, so you do not want to make use of a spray head to water it. What you should instead be doing is to section of this part of the landscape and have a sprinkler head installed below that section to give its own watering schedule via the programmed controller.

One gets three main classes of sprinkler heads. Namely; the spray systems, drip or soaker systems, and bubbler heads. Each of these performs its own magic on different types of plants.

Spray systems work best with lawn due to the even application of water. Bubblers are more suited to shrubs and trees because of its pooling effect. Drip and soaker hoses are ideally suited for crops like grapes and flower beds due to the slow application of water to the plant base.

Rotors and Spray Heads for Watering Lawns
Spray head and rotors spray water up and outward in an even application. If you had to use it on plants, it would water the surface, including the leaves. This is not ideal as many plants do not favor getting their leaves watered. One should use this kind of sprinkler system on lawns.

Sometimes the pop-up sprinkler systems are used to water flower beds as it makes maintaining your watering schedule so much easier.

Bubbler Nozzles for Trees and Bushes
Rather than spraying outward like a sprinkler head, bubbler nozzles bubble over in all the right places. You would position these near bushes and trees to flood the surrounding areas. If the pine tree we mentioned at the beginning of this article had a bubbler nozzle set up, it would have been healthy and strong.

The thing is that bubblers emit water at a much slower speed than sprayers do, meaning it can be left on for longer.

Soaker Hoses and Drip Nozzles for Gardens
Soaker and drip systems will be winded around the inside of a garden bed; These sprinkler systems are characterized by long hoses that run the length of a crop row or flower bed. These systems will produce just the right amount of water, making it easy for the water to get absorbed into the soil.

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