Who Wants to Enjoy Muzzle Brake Recoil Reduction?

Some people do not have a favorable opinion of Madhouse Design 308 muzzle brake for various reasons. While others are willing to put up with the overbearing sounds coming from some brake models so they may benefit from the recoil reduction and the ability to shoot more accurately.

Brakes Used at a Shooting Range

It is clear to most that fitting a muzzle brake to their firearm when at a shooting range where other shooters are within close range to each other may result in some serious problems concerning hearing loss and possible injuries.

The thing is that they are exposed to high noise levels, muzzle blast and flying objects like sand, unburned propellant, and shrapnel.

The sound from most brake models is more than twice as loud compared to a firearm that is not equipped with a brake. At times, even standard ear protection is not sufficient (When inferior ear protection is being used).

On the other hand, top quality brakes like the triple-port muzzle brake by MadHouse Design makes a sizeable difference due to its design. Learn more: 308 muzzle brake at Madhouse Design.

Why Hunters Need to be Considerate, Careful and Responsible?

When you are hunting with a firearm that is equipped with a muzzle brake, you need to ensure that bystanders, hunting partners, and guides are not exposed unnecessarily to possible side effects of the brake that is fitted on your rifle. Taking an unplanned shot nearby of an unsuspecting bystander who does not have sufficient hearing protection may cause irreparable damage to their hearing.

Recoil Reduction Benefits

According to a certain Dr. Carlucci who published his textbook – “Theory and Design of Guns and Ammunition”, it is considered good practice to divert gasses to the side of your firearm as a rearward thrust could affect an exposed gun crew. A good friend of his assisted with the testing of various muzzle brake models of which one particular brand provided an outstanding recoil reduction. But while testing it, the friend got injured with some shrapnel in his side as it penetrated 2 of his shirts and resulted in a wound that revealed some flesh.

Another downside to wrongly angled brake ports would be increased blast or concussion. All of the brakes tested were loud. However, the diverting gasses may increase the pressure shock wave near the shooter’s position. Because of this, some shooters would rather handle the extra recoil than expose themselves to the increased concussion due to shock waves.

While there are downsides to the rearward deflection of gasses, one would notice a measurable difference in the recoil reduction. It is really up to each shooter to strike the right balance for their specific application.

What was made clear from the tests conducted, is that a brake significantly reduces the recoil on each rifle tested. Not only was the total impulse coming back to a shoot reduced, but the peak of the force was reduced too.

We spoke about having the right angle within the baffles of muzzle brakes. Follow along as we take a closer look at the advantages had for using a correctly angled muzzle brake.

Properly Angled Muzzle Brakes

You may have been unhappy with the fact that your rifle kicks due to the gas that propels your bullets in one direction, yet it moves your gun in the other direction, but hard where it ends up bruising your shoulder.

A piece of advice from top brake designers, MadHouse Design, is if you do not want to get kicked, is to alter the direction of the gas column.

To pull this off, you can get a gunsmith to cut holes or ports within the barrel to divert the gasses sideways or upwards. This way it would press down on the muzzle and simultaneously counteract the muzzle jump.

Fitting a ported muzzle brake is considered a better solution. Besides, most brakes can simply be screwed onto the muzzle of your firearm so it may divert the gasses 90 degrees to the side and around the circumference of your barrel. You can accomplish this by drilling a series of small holes in the tube. Also, most muzzle brake brands can be detached when needed.

In our opinion, a much better alternative would be to fit the triple-port muzzle brake brand by MadHouse Design. Learn more here for gun sales.

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